San Diego Model Railroad Museum

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Video Description

Take a virtual field trip to the San Diego Model Railway Museum to learn about the model trains. Holly learns about the history of model trains and the fun of this age-old hobby for kids and adults. Fun websites include links to The Model Railroad Museum, the history of trains, a steam engine drawing lesson, and a free poster.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for San Diego Model Railroad Museum

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Other Fun Websites

  • San Diego Model Railroad Museum

    Visit this 28,000 square feet, the museum is the world's largest operating model railroad museum. This unique museum contains four enormous scale and model layouts, built by separate clubs, which depict railroads of the Southwest in O, HO, and N scales.

  • Trakkies

    Trakkies, for kids Who Love Trains is a site from the National Rail in England. Become the ultimate railway enthusiast amongst your friends and family! Check out this site for facts about trains in the movies and books, around the station, and trains of the future. Learn about the railway in England.

  • How To Draw a Steam Engine

    Luke Taylor-Clarke, (who everyone calls Bubble) is nearly 4 years old. He and his Nana have a drawing site for kids. Check it out and learn to draw a steam engine.

  • Model Train Yard

    Model Railroading is a fascinating hobby in that it combines so many differing skills and disciplines. provides a handy search tool that allows you to enter a catalog number or model number and pull up any items that you might want. Check out this site and get started on your new hobby.

  • All Aboard Poster

    Download this free All Aboard Poster from Steel rails and Iron Horses,

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