Meerkats at the Staten Island Zoo

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Will visits the Staten Island Zoo to see their new Meerkat Exhibit and meets Darrin Lunde, author of Meet the Meerkat.

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Learning Activities for Meerkats at the Staten Island Zoo

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Other Fun Websites

  • The Staten Island Zoo

    The Staten Island Zoo has a web page and activities just for kids.

  • Grab a Snack Game

    Play the Meerkat "Grab-a-Snack" game on Animal Planet website.

  • Kalahari Meerkat Project

    Welcome to the Kalahari Meerkat Project website. This long-running research project has been studying meerkats for over twenty years. See photographs of the meerkats and their life in the desert.

  • Darrin Lunde

    Darrin Lunde has worked as a mammalogist at the American Museum of Natural History for 15 years. His work has brought him into contact with all kinds of animals, big and small, throughout the remote forests of South America, Africa, and Asia where he camped for months at a time to survey species diversity and to discover new species. Hello, Bumblebee Bat and Meet the Meerkat are his first two children's books.

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