Canine Companions for Independence

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Video Description


Eight-year old, Katelyn, learns about the importance of service dogs for people with disabilities and meets a pet owner who is raising a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence.

Fun websites include Canine Companions for Independence, How to Teach Your Dog New Tricks, and a way to learn dog trivia and help your local animal shelter.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for Canine Companions for Independence

Each Learning Corner is designed by an educator to be easily integrated into individual curriculums, as well as State, and National Standards.

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Other Fun Websites

  • Canine Companions for Independence

    Imagine having a dog that could turn on lights, pick up dropped keys or open a door. Canine Companions for Independence Service Dogs are partnered with adults with physical disabilities to help with daily tasks. Learn more about the dogs and the people they help on this website.

  • Tricks, Tricks, Tricks

    Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

    Janet Wall created this interactive website for kids called How to Love Your Dog. Here's a page on how to teach your old dog new tricks.

  • Carlo

    Hi! My name is Carlo and I like to blog! I was an assistance dog in training with the organization, Canine Companions for Independence. I lived with my puppy raiser for about a year and a half and then went to college (aka "Advanced Training"). While in college, I decided that I didn't really wanna be an assistance dog... so I came home! I'm now what is called a Change of Career (COC) dog. And, boy do I have a busy career! Come and read my blog!

  • Bow- Wow Trivia
  • Play Bow Wow Trivia every day to help hungry dogs and cats.

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