Museum Curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Celebrate National Museum Month with this virtual field trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Morgana visits the world's most famous museum to learn about the work of a curator.

LInks to fun websites and a Learning Corner of questions and extended activities.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for Museum Curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Each Learning Corner is designed by an educator to be easily integrated into individual curriculums, as well as State, and National Standards.

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Other Fun Websites

  • Metropolitan Museum of Arts

    The Metropolitan Museum of Arts has created a site just for kids. Explore the world from prehistory to the present with the Met's collection as your guide.

  • What is Impressionism?

    Impressionism is a style of painting that began in Paris, France in the mid-1800s. Unlike artists before them, the impressionists painted most of their paintings outdoors and liked to portray natural subjects like trees, fields, and oceans. Impressionists would often take their materials outdoors and paint what they saw. Learn more at this website .

  • Art Projects for Kids

    Free art lessons for elementary age students. Hundreds listed, updated daily.

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