Interview with Children's Author Carolyn Marsden

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Interview with Children’s Author Carolyn Marsden

Take a virtual field trip to the beaches of San Diego, California. Meet children’s author Carolyn Marsden, who gives tips on collaboration and writing.

Follow links to her website to learn more about her award winning books. There are links to your favorite authors for advice about writing. Click on two websites that offer opportunities to publish your writing.

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Other Fun Websites

  • Carolyn Marsden

    Learn more about the many books by award-winning author Carolyn Marsden. Click here and visit her website for writing tips for your stories and books.

  • Skipping Stones

    Skipping Stones is an award-winning, international, non-profit magazine, now in the 14th year! They celebrate ecological and cultural diversity. Skipping Stones provides a place for writers and artists of all ages and backgrounds to communicate creatively and openly. If you would like to submit a story to Stepping Stones click here.

  • The Gold Threaded Dress Inspired by Thailand

    In Carolyn Marsden's book The Gold Threaded Dress. The main character Oy comes from Thailand. Here in America the teachers call her Olivia. Other things are not so easy to change, however. With compassion and rare insight, author Marsden tells a simple tale about a young girl who searches for acceptance in a complex culture, while learning to treasure all that she is. Click on this site to learn more about Oy's home country Thailand.

  • Advice from Authors and Illustrators

    Do you have question about a story you are writing? Click on this site for a list of published authors and illustrators who have advice for young writers.

  • Publish Your Book

    KidPub was created in 1995 as a safe, fun place for kids to improve their writing skills by sharing their stories, poems, reviews, and other creative writing with a worldwide audience.

    KidPub is a membership site. They charge a small fee, $12.95 per yea. Membership is only required to publish stories...anyone can come to KidPub to read. Click here to learn more on how to publish your book.

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