Get Ready for the Science Fair with Janice VanCleave

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Video Description

Meet scientist, author and teacher Janice VanCleave, who writes award-winning science books for kids.

Take a virtual field trip to at the Mayborn Museum at Baylor University In Waco, Texas. Ms. VanCleave gives our young host, Grace, tips on how to create a winning science fair project.

Links to a Learning Corner and fun websites that will help you with this project ideas for this year's science fair.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for Get Ready for  the  Science Fair with Janice VanCleave

Each Learning Corner is designed by an educator to be easily integrated into individual curriculums, as well as State, and National Standards.

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Other Fun Websites


    Janice VanCleave

    How are science fair projects different from making a science poster? What is the Scientific Method? How do I start my science fair project? ASK JANICE, is a fun website with the answers to all your science questions. Visit this site today.

  • Brain Pop Brain Pop is a really cool site full of animated health and science movies, and fun quizzes.
  • Try Science is your gateway to experience the excitement of contemporary science and technology through on and offline interactivity with science and technology centers worldwide. Science is exciting, and it's for everyone.

  • Ology

    Ology is the American Museum of Natural History's kid site, loaded with fun and interesting stuff for kids.

  • Funology

    Funology is full of science activity ideas, including indoor and outdoor games and has a page of science experiments that you can do at home with things you already have in your house. Sure to keep you busy for many hours any time of year.

  • Sheppard Softwareoffers educational games and activities for kids of all ages.Test your knowledge about the universe with our quizzes and games! Expand your science horizons by reading about fascinating illustrated articles.

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