A Kid's Introduction to Black-Footed Ferrets

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Video Description

Take a virtual field trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado to learn more about the recovery program for the Black Footed Ferret.

The only ferret native to North America, the black-footed ferret once thrived across grass prairies from Canada to Mexico. But today it is one of he most endangered mammals in North America.

To restore the native ferret population to North America's Great Plains, five zoos, including Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, have partnered with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in an aggressive captive breeding and reintroduction program that is making progress toward recovering the native ferret population.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for A Kid's Introduction to Black-Footed Ferrets

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    The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has a reason for everything. By keeping true to their mission and vision they believe the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo can touch the lives of those who visit and provide a great life for the animals that live here.

    As a leader in conservation, captive breeding and animal care, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo connects people with wildlife and wild places through experiences that inspire action. Their goal is: Every Kid. Every Time. Goosebumps!

  • Kids' Planet

    Black ferret kids offer educational fun for kids of all ages.

  • Sponsor a black-footed ferret and be a part of their recovery!

    Adoptions are a great way to help an endangered species
and share in their conservation. And they make great gifts! The cost is $25. Learn more here.

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