A Kid's History of the Ukulele

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Video Description

A Kid's History of the Ukulele

Learn about the origins of the ukulele and how it came to America. Meet John Ramsey the owner of Palm Tree Ukuleles. Mr. Ramsey shows young viewers how ukuleles are made.

Click on fun websites about the Ukulele or check out the list of recommended books about the ukulele and other musical instruments.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for A Kid's History of the Ukulele

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Other Fun Websites

  • Palm Tree Ukuleles

    Palm Tree ukuleles are built in the Colorado Springs music store, Tejon Street Music. They model their ukes after the classic designs of the 1920’s – 1940’s, an era they feel represents one of the “golden ages” of the ukulele. Click here to visit the Palm Tree website.

  • Learn More About Ukulele History

    In 1879, the Portuguese master craftsman and instrument maker Manuel Nunes arrived in the Hawaiian Islands with Joao Fernandes and Augustine Dias. They were immigrants who came to work in the sugar cane fields. Together they invented and developed the ukulele taking basic designs of instruments from their native home. Learn more about the history of the ukulele on this site.

  • Make Your Own Ukulele

    You don’t have to fly to Hawaii to hear the sweet sounds of the ukulele. With the Make Your Own Ukulele Kit ($40) you can be strumming the four strings in just a few hours. You’ll need some common supplies like sand paper and glue, but all parts of the instrument are included. Once it’s assembled you can stain it or paint it however you want for a completely personalized look you can’t buy in any store.


    Kids learn about the letter U while following the instructions on how to make a ukulele in this craft printable. Perfect lesson plan for the Pre-K Level.

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