A Kid's History of Clowns and Clowing

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Video Description

A Kid's History of Clowns and Clowning

Take a virtual field trip to New York City to meet Christopher Lueck, a working clown. Learn about the history of clowns, jesters and the world of clowning. LInks to fun web sites include clown make-up, clown masks and clown history. There's also an list of recommended books with tips on how to become a clown.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for A Kid's History of Clowns and Clowing

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Other Fun Websites

  • New York Downtown Revue

    Visiting New York City? Stop in the fun kid shows at the New York Downtown Revue. This is the place where visiting clowns come to try out their new acts. They have special shows just for kids. Click here to find out more.

  • Become a Circus Clown

    Get ready to join the circus. You can either make a full clown mask or a half mask. Use the templates provided on this site to make your own clown mask

  • Put on a Happy Face

    Learn how to apply clown makeup. This site is perfect for kids who love clowning around.

  • Easy Clown Pencil Topper

    Whether for school or as a party favor, this Clown Pencil Topper paper craft is a surefire hit and so easy to make!

  • Clown Puppet

    Create your own three ring circus with some help from this funny clown! To create this craft project you will need colored construction paper, glue, crayons or markers, scissors, and a paper bag. Click on this site for directions.

  • Fun Facts About Clowns

    Do you want to know more about the world of clowns and clowning? This site is filled with interesting facts about the funny people who make us laugh.

Recommended Books

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